The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You
Zat Rana

I completely understand the spirit of this article. However, addressing aimless distractions by offering a solution of solitude will not work for most people. By offering up this solution, it shows me that the author doesn’t quite understand the motivation for why people turn to distractions like TVs.

The constant distraction is a symptom of our need to be apart of a community rather than us failing to strive for solitude.

Studies on longevity constantly point to the positive health effect of humans being valued in a community. The one predicting factor for aging gracefully isn’t how healthy of a diet you chose or the number of hours you exercised but rather the subject has close-knit relationships.

I fear that if we all strive to be stoics and monks that lifestyle simply will not work out for most people. But I understand the motivation forZat Rana’s point; but I disagree with “starting with being okay with ourselves”. Perhaps cultivating mindfulness is ultimately more effective than cultivating an aptitude for solitude.

No doubt that the mind changes on a biochemical level when it is in a state of flow. However, that state can be achieved with mindful breathing, mindful eating, mindful speaking and general mindful relationship to our peers.

Speaking of psychological personality affinity, the well-known introvert/extrovert spectrum can be applied here. Using mindfulness as a tool rather than solitude, the end results of both type of people being mindful is one where they are less distracted by meaningless pursuits.

Behavior changes are also crucial in this self-realization. To prevent even more long-winded than I already have been, I encourage those who are interested to look up Ikigai; the Japanese word for finding a purposeful life. Or start with a Hygge lifestyle. All of which espouses concrete steps that one can take to become more mindful and engaged. By doing this, the symptom of distracting oneself with TV decreases simply because one chooses to engage in more meaningful activities.

What do you guys think? I’m open to opinions.