An Apprentice Journey

An interview with Brad Stalker, Young Engineer.

It’s not everyday you can have full access to a British Young Engineer of the Year and international representative of engineering, but today, I got that chance.

I had the opportunity to ask 18 year old Brad Stalker, some personal questions about his life, his goals and what he’s up to now.

Brad is a do-er and always has been. He turned his passion for animals into an engineering hobby when he began learning about Biomimicry- engineering, with a twist of nature.

At a young age, Brad was dubbed a failure. One of those kids in school who would ‘never make something of himself’, lucky for us, that didn’t stop him.

However, he doubled down on his passions of engineering and business and received fantastic BTEC results to show it.

Brad began studying animals and creating products, until his skill took him to an international competition in the USA, where he represented Great Britain and placed 3rd in the world for his category of environmental engineering.

If you’re not yet convinced, let me spell it out.

That’s a big deal.

Brad is one of the lucky few to have realised his passion when he was young, and went after success in that field. He believed that, as he knew where his passions lay, university wouldn’t necessarily help him get there, it would be through determination and hard work.

So, he is currently studying towards his apprenticeship at a nuclear waste plant, where he is receiving a salary, to learn about nuclear engineering every. single. day.

His day starts at 8.30 and, depending on the module he is studying towards, he has a combination of workshop activities and side projects to complete. His area of study will rotate every 6 weeks until he is equipped to do the job. As the plant is so specialised, he must complete the training to a high standard before being allowed to progress, which really incentivises him to learn.

Brad is the most success driven, down to earth guy I think I’ve ever spoke to. And he believes being in the apprentice role has helped him tremendously as many of his peers have the same mindset as him.

He also reminded me, during the chat, if he one day wakes up and decides the program isn’t for him and he’d love to join a university, he can do that! There’s no money lost or handcuffs to escape.

And best of all?

He doesn’t miss out on any social aspect. His friends at work all catch up together after work, and his friends from other paths still make time for each other.

In all honesty, I’m rather jealous!

Nevertheless, it was great speaking with Brad, and I wish him all the best with the apprenticeship and future biomimicry projects.

You can find Brad at his blog:

Update on my New Routine:

This week I was getting slightly ill and tired, so decided to scrap it at the end of the week and get more sleep. However, next week I’m going to change the schedule and sleep 7.5h on Tuesday and Thursday night, just to get a few extra sleep cycles in!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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