Walden Pond in its autumn regalia. Photo Credit: Travel & Leisure.

Henry David Thoreau’s account of his “experiment” at Walden Pond reads like a treatise on early-21st-century woes. Urban areas, including Boston, just twenty miles from Thoreau’s hometown of Concord, were and are exploding in population and challenges. The federal government was and is navigating treacherous political and economic waters. Injustices against the environment were and are being perpetrated on a grand scale. In Walden, Thoreau advocates self-reliance, simple lifestyles, and greater ecological awareness in response. Thoreau’s broad diagnosis and prescription of this country’s ailments remain as relevant in our era as they were in his.

Walden Pond, Thoreau’s home of…

Jack Cunningham

I write & read about politics, philosophy, and culture.

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