Facts about The Room — Worst Movie Ever Made

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The Room by Tommy Wiseau the disaster artist

In 2003, Tommy Wiseau produced the controversial film titled The Room in which he was the one directing, producing, writing and starring. The story of how this film came to be to the actual scenes in the film received both praise and criticism from viewers and film critics alike. The fact also that the film was shot in two formats has led many to ask a lot of questions about it. There are different angles of looking at this film to determine whether it deserves the titles it has been given since its release 14 years ago.

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Tommy Wiseau

Tommy W. is a film director, producer, screenwriter and actor born on the 3rd of October 1955. He is an American national and has been active in the film industry from the year 2003 to the present. He became famous for his 2003 film called The Room in which he served as the lead actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He’s net worth 500.000$. Although the film came to be touted as one of the worst films ever created, its influence in the entertainment industry has been undeniable as there are several offshoots made from it.

The Plot

Johnny (Wiseau) is a banker who has all the success a banker can dream of. He cohabits with his fiancée Lisa in San Francisco. Although they seem to have all the magic in an intimate relationship, Lisa is not satisfied. She even reveals her dissatisfaction to her mother Claudette and best friend, Michelle. She goes ahead to cheat on Johnny with his best friend Mark. Lisa further falsely accuses Johnny of domestic abuse when all she does is ride on Johnny’s financial success while sleeping around with his friend. At Johnny’s birthday party, Lisa lies him once again, telling him she is pregnant. Johnny immediately remembers her affair and starts attacking Mark. Later on, Johnny locks himself in his room and felling betrayed kills himself with a gun he and Mark had recovered from a drug lord.

Making of The Room

Wiseau completed the plot for The Room as a play back in 2001. Afterwards, he turned the play into a book 500 pages long then sought its publication. Upon failing to publish it, he took it upon himself to produce it as a film whereupon he would take up all major roles in the production process. There has been a lot of speculation on just how Wiseau obtained the money to produce the film. Costing at least $6 million, The Room seemed to be out of the reach of Wiseau at the time of its production. Din punctul meu de vedere acest om merita tot respectul, Tommy Wiseau este un om care a avut un vis si a luptat din rasputeri pentru a il indeplinii. Sincer, chiar sunt un mare fan al dumneastra domnule Tommy W.

Several theories have come out about his source of money with Tommy W. himself stating that he made money from a leather jacket importation business in which he brought in the jackets from Korea and sold them to American customers. However, other sources point to his having made enough to fund the film owing to his businesses among them real estate around San Francisco and Los Angeles.

You may also check this theory:

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The reason the film cost so much for a film of its type is that the way Tommy set up the production was very much unconventional. First of all, a lot of the crew members and the cast had to be replaced owing to Wiseau’s inability to have a rigid hold on what it was he wanted the film to achieve. Secondly, Wiseau is said to have filmed many scenes more than once which saw to the production costs shooting up. Thirdly, Wiseau is said to have been unable to remember the lines he assigned to himself.

Lastly, Wiseau shot the film in two formats at the same time. Wiseau’s inability to discern what the difference between high-definition video and 35 mm video saw him shoot the film with both types of cameras (which come at quite a high cost).

Everything Wrong With The Room

Other Films

Other films Tommy Wiseau has played roles in or directed include Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015), Homeless in America (2004), Cold Moon (2016, The House That Drips Blood on Alex (2010), and Enter the Samurai (2016). Besides his film life, Wiseau has had other roles on television and the internet in general.

Samurai Cop 2 deleted scene with Tommy Wiseau

The Cast for The Room

Most of the characters in The Room had never been on the big screen before. Even Wiseau himself was not very much accustomed to making full-length films. Among the main characters were as follows;

Tommy Wiseau cast as Johnny
Greg Sestero cast as Mark
Juliette Danielle cast as Lisa
Philip Haldiman cast as Denny
Carolyn Minnott cast as Claudette
Robyn Paris cast as Michelle
Scott Holmes cast as Mike
Dan Janjigian cast as Chris-R
Kyle Vogt cast as Peter
Greg Ellery cast as Steven

Why The Room is the Best Movie Ever Made

The fact that Tommy W. managed to almost single-handedly deliver a film that evoked a lot of attention is something notable. For an individual who had not gone to film school, The Room is a great piece to start with. Also, the suspense introduced in the film through the inclusion of scenes which disappear by themselves is a commendable feat to perform. Lastly, the film managed to leave a lot of influence in the entertainment industry far more than other films have managed. Almost 14 years old, the film still intrigues critics and fans to varying degrees. You must see the movie at least twice to feel the full effects of it. That is the moment when you will feel how your brain cells die one by one. I don’t recommend this, but I think that after the 20th rerun you will end up like a tomato. This movie is so worst that it become one of the best movie I ever saw. I become a huge fan and I even think to buy this hilarious t shirts with some of the famous line scenes. Check: You’re tearing me apart Lisa t shirt and Oh hi Mark t shirt by Daily Tees.

Why The Room is the Worst Movie Ever Made

The fact that Wiseau included scenes that did nothing to build the story line has led many to believe that it is the worst film ever made. Some characters cast in the film, especially the ones in the minor roles, make the film appear like it was a result of rushed work which needed more time to patch up. Worse still, the explanations for some of the events in the film make it seem like the film director and producer did not simply care about the film.