7 Items You Must Carry On You Luxury Travel

In the excitement of last minute vacation packing, you are likely to forget some items that are usually lifesavers on any vacation.

Most of these items can be difficult to find especially if you are vacationing very far from convenient stores and supermarkets.

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Make sure you include the following items in your packing list:

1. Adapter/multi-plug

If you are travelling overseas, you will have a problem charging your phone and laptop due to the differences in the sockets. You need a power adapter to make the sockets accessible. You should also have a multi-plug charger to allow different electronics to charge at the same time.

Do not forget to carry your own laptop and phone chargers.

2. Duct Tape

Duct tape has many uses. If you are travelling with small kids, one thing you will notice when you arrive at your vacation condo is that the condo is not baby proofed.

When baby proofing, don’t tape directly on the surface as you will have to clean off all the stickiness when you leave the condo. Line the surface with paper or cloth first.

3. Wet wipes

When you are in a plane or on a bus, you will not have anywhere to wash your hands. If your flight is long, you will need the wet wipes to for freshening up.

Wet wipes will also be useful during your outdoor activities for keeping your kids hands sanitized, wiping surfaces and so on.

Wet wipes can come in handy in almost any situation.

4. Cameras

A camera is good for documenting what you see in the vacation rental. When you arrive at the condo, the first thing you should do is to take pictures of anything that looks damaged so that you are not blamed for it.

A camera is also useful for capturing all your vacation memories. If you do not take pictures, after a while, none of you will remember what the vacation destination looked like.

5. Safety pins

Safety pins are useful for repairing wardrobe malfunctions such as missing buttons, torn clothes or pulled zippers. They also work to hold together torn luggage bags.

Safety pins are also useful in emergencies. In case of injuries, safety pins will help to hold a make-shift sling on the shoulder.

6. Tote Bag/ back pack

Carry a small bag. If you are a woman, you should carry a tote bag and if you’re a man, you should get a backpack. You can find some very fashionable-looking tote bags that can blend with your style.

A tote bag is useful especially if you have kids and you need to carry extra things like snacks for them.

7. Paper towels

Spills, kids’ runny noses, bathroom use, wiping dirty hands are all scenarios when you might need to use paper towels. You do not have to carry the big roll that you use in the kitchen; there are some pocket sized ones that will fit easily into your bag.

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