Understanding inspirational jewelry from Jesus Boat and the 3 main ways it fits into your life

Inspirational jewelry and fashion items provide us with motivation and purpose. They also remind us of what is important.

Some inspirational fashion items serve as a way of communicating with the outside world. If you have an inspirational message on your t-shirt or cap, many people can view it and most people will even stop you just to read it. Other more intimate items such as pendants, which you wear close to the heart, serve more to inspire you than others.

Some inspirational jewelry can have an inscribed message. The message you choose should have meaning for you or for the person you are buying it for. It should also be about something that is worth celebrating. Other inspirational jewelry does not carry any inscription, and it tends to inspire with its symbolism. The message from such jewelry is in the item itself. Jesus boat, an online site dedicated to the promotion of the state of Israel, carries in its inventory a lot of symbolic jewelry items that have deep Jewish, Christian and messianic religious roots.

Symbolic inspirational jewelry includes for instance, the cross, universally known as a Christian symbol or the Star of David and the menorah, which are well-known Jewish religious symbols. By wearing such pendants, you are speaking to the world about who you are, what you believe in and what you draw your strength from.

Purpose of inspirational jewelry

1. Gifts

As inspiration should be shared, you can buy a piece of jewelry on Jesus boat for your friends and family members, as a gift for a special occasion. For instance:

 You could give your child a Christian fish pendant on his or her Christian baptism or confirmation.

 The Star of David pendant makes a good bar mitzvah gift for your child if you are Jewish.

 The messianic cross pendant would make a perfect gift for your loved ones’ bar mitzvah celebrations.

2. Celebrating a nation

Perhaps the most important purpose that inspirational jewelry from Jesus boat serves, is giving you the chance to celebrate the nation of Israel.

Fashion items and jewelry that carry inscriptions or symbols of a religious nature can serve to connect different people living in different places in the world.

A Jew in America for instance, and a Jew living in Europe can find a connection to their roots and their faith by wearing the same type of jewelry.

More so, if your ancestors came from Israel and you don’t want your children to ever forget it, you can buy them fashion items such as back packs, flip flops, tote bags or even belts that are inscribed with symbols and words from Israel.

3. Shared tastes and interests

Inspirational jewelry is an indication of shared tastes. The world is a big place and sometimes you can never know who really shares your beliefs and interests.

This makes inspirational jewelry a good conversation starter. If you notice someone in a café you normally frequent, or at your workplace, who wears inspirational jewelry, you could strike up a conversation about it and you could find that you have more in common beyond the pendant.

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