An Unfinished Rant from a 51 year old white guy

I’m so sick of fucking whiners who don’t think they get anything from the evil government. EVERYBODY gets tons of things from the government every day. Most people just take it for granted. You’ll all be first in line at the Medicare office at 65. Don’t collect your Social Security either. That is considered an entitlement.

Did you go to school for free? You took that out of someone else’s pocket. How about driving to work on the free roads? Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan is supposed to be mostly private. Don’t plan on any long road trips because there will be tolls on every highway. Don’t call the police because someone is giving that to you. If your house catches fire put it out yourself because someone is giving you that. Don’t use 911 to call an ambulance. You didn’t pay for that either. How about PUBLIC WORKS, water and some electricity. They are given to you at a VERY cheap price by the government.

Don’t use any of those government programs to help you buy a house or renovate rental properties. AND DO NOT CLAIM THEM AS DEDUCTIONS ON YOUR TAX BILL. Don’t claim any losses on your tax returns either. Suck it up and take the loss because someone else has to pay for that too and they are given to you for free. There are hundreds of more things that YOU (everybody) get from the government EVERY DAY that SOMEBODY ELSE PAYS FOR.

STOP DEMONIZING POOR PEOPLE just so you can feel good about yourself. They DID NOT cause all of your problems in life. Pissy, whiny, BABY middle class WHITE hypocrites. “OH I WORK SO HARD AND I GET NOTHING.” SHUT THE FUCK UP and give back everything they gave you then.

And illegal IMMIGRANTS, that’s another story. They pay into Social Security with every check they make and they will never see a penny of it back, but do you know who does see that money US, in the form of services that we get from the government to the tune of 12 BILLION dollars a year. There is no right wing “reporter” who will explain this to you because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Republican cheerleaders are taking all of their talking points from MULTIMILLIONAIRES that are paid by BILLIONAIRES to make you hate poor people. The funniest thing is that when they say “poor people” they are talking about you. Quite a fucking ruse, making you feel like you are with them. Do you really believe that these talking heads speak for you? That’s a joke. As far as they are concerned you are on the same exact pitiful level as all of the poor Hispanic and African Americans that you all think are so lazy and they are correct to think that because we are. They use bigotry and racism and xenophobia to get the dumb, white, poor people to vote against the very programs that help them get into middle class and beyond.

Poor and middle class white people despise all of these entitlement programs because they are “sick of the lazy minorities” so they are dying to get rid of them. BUT THESE ARE THE PROGRAMS THAT HELP YOU TOO. You have been duped and used to crush the middle class of which you are a part.

We get ripped off billions of dollars a year by the major corporations in this country and they use your fears and your tiny little prejudices to get you all wound up so you can blame the “NO GOOD” people. If you work a 40 hour week in this country you should be able to have a family in this country. Do you know what the problem is? Do you think it is Mexican immigrants? Really? Do you? Or do you just like to see them get picked on? THE REAL REASON you can’t “make it” on a 40 hour work week is that the employers DON’T WANT TO PAY YOU WHAT YOU HAVE EARNED and the second reason is that THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY YOU THE ACTUAL AMOUNT YOU’VE EARNED. So why would they?

Do you think if all the illegal immigrants were gone that we would all suddenly get 300% raises? NO, CORPORATE PROFITS HAVE RISEN STEADILY OVER THE DECADES along with CEO, CFO, COO pay checks and stock payouts. They make way more money that they made 30 years ago, but they DON’T SHARE IT. Major corporations OWN THIS COUNTRY or at least all of the people who run the country. The Republican party is 100% guilty. They don’t even try so much to hide it any more. They know their sycophantic fan club are on board no matter what.

The Democrats have MAJOR problems too. They have been blinded since Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign. THEY DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP THAT SWEET CASH. They USED to represent the working class, but now they are nothing more than Right-Center Silicon Valley and Wall Street hacks. Bill Clinton was a disastrous president. Another way to say that is that he acted just like a Republican. He introduced prison reform, Disaster! He cut welfare programs for the poorest people in the country, Sad! He relaxed Wall Street regulations that cleared the way for Bush II to cut even more which led to the economic disaster of 2008, Sick! Clinton signed The Telecommunications Act which deregulated Cable, Broadcast and Media companies. There used to be hundreds of companies that ran the media in this country now there are 6 corporations that control 90% of the media in this country. Do you know why the media sucks so bad now? It’s because of Bill Clinton signing this bill.

Clinton was ready and had already reached an agreement with the Republicans to PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY. The only reason that it didn’t happen was the Monica Lewinski scandal broke and that was that. All of these things that Clinton implemented are REPUBLICAN ideas. They were all done under a Democratic president, but FOX news and all of the right wing media still carry on and call him a CRAZY LIBERAL and the voting public doesn’t know the fucking difference.

Here is another tiny reason that the government isn’t as well funded now as it was from the 1940’s through the1970s. The TOP CORPORATE TAX RATE. In 1940 it was 95% right through the 50’s. President John F. Kennedy (a Democrat) lowered the top tax rate to 73% where it remained until Ronny. Ronald Reagan axed it down to 38%. Bush I raised it to 40%. Bush II lowered it to 35% (temporarily trying to jumpstart the economy). Obama made the 35% rate permanent. Donald Trump wants to lower it to 15%. Is it hard for anyone reading this to figure out why life was full of opportunities for the middle class (whites of course) to make a decent living and maybe buy a house? The difference between 95% and 35% is pretty substantial. During that time all of the entitlement programs implemented mostly in The New Deal of FDR had a nearly unanimous 98% approval rating in the country. These programs worked great and helped many people cruise their way through the middle class. These programs were SO popular that there was NO WAY our politicians could take them away. You could not get the smart American people to believe the corporations bullshit arguments that we’d all be better off with lower taxes for corporations. Nobody would possibly buy that unless you could figure out a way to trick them into thinking the programs are bad. It’s a hopeless task for corporations until…..

1965, Lyndon B. Johnson, THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. Now black people were also eligible for these programs and now it becomes obvious to all of the great minds in the country that these programs are a DISGRACE and half of the country begins despising the programs because they can’t stand that “these lazy people won’t even want to work. they’ll just stay home and collect money THAT IS COMING OUT OF MY POCKET”. This event launches us to probably the most enormous hypocritical explosion like ever.

The corporations seize this opportunity and propagandize all of “THE HARD WORKING WHITES and THE SAINTLY, FAITHFUL CHRISTIANS” who now see these exact same programs as handouts for lazy people. To work on the “hard working whites” corporations started enlisting “angry, right-wing radio personalities” in every city across the country. They are the ones who will convince you that YOU ARE A HARD WORKER, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET, but these other people (you know who I’m talking about!) they just want to sit around, have babies, collect welfare and they will be the downfall of this country. I’d say they were pretty successful at their mission. In order to do the same thing to The SAINTLY FAITHFUL CHRISTIANS these corporations enlisted Pastors and Preachers to help them in their cause. These Pastors were paid well and they earned their money for the corporations. The Pastors went to their gigantic congregations and preached the evils of Socialism and also got them opposed to the government programs through the use of bigotry, racism, xenophobia and flat out hypocrisy. I miss Billy Graham, not rest his soul.

Part 2 later