On Road Rage

Jack Dire
Jack Dire
Sep 17, 2013 · Unlisted

I’ll skip the fancy introduction and get right to my point:

Don’t look at bad drivers.

When some idiot is being an idiot and doing the idiot things with his or her idiot car that idiots tend to do (let’s go with the classic “CUT ME OFF AND SLOWED DOWN SONOVABITCH MOTHERF” you get the point), don’t look at them.

It won’t help.

I know. You want to look.

You really want to look.

You want to put a face on your enemy. You want to look into the eyes of ineptitude and understand it. You want to send it back to hell with your gaze of righteousness.


It won’t work.

Has it ever worked?

Have you ever passed them, looked at them, then thought, “Ohhhhhh. Now I understand this person a little more. I see where that person was coming from. I feel at peace with this situation and my place in the world,” or, “at least that donkey knows I am mad now, and that make me feel very relaxed”?


Here’s what you thought, and maybe said:

“Of COURSE it was an elderly person.”

“Of COURSE it was an (insert sex) on a cell phone.”

“Of COURSE it was an (insert race) with an (insert hairstyle or hat option or facial hair option).”

“Of COURSE it was a toddler on a stack of phone books using a broom handle to press the gas pedal.”

All you found by looking over was a new thing to hate. Short-term at best, long-term at worst.

So don’t.

Just keep driving. Put on some good music. And just accept that they are so stupid they will drive off a bridge soon without your help.

Thanks for reading. If you like this, maybe you’ll like this thing I made.


Jack Dire

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