This playground of life

Forgiveness is like children sharing toys. When I recognize my thoughts toward someone are reflecting something other than love, I like to imagine us both as small children on a playground. For me, I have a red kickball that I’m deciding whether I want to share with the other child. My choices are clear. I could take my ball and go away by myself and be alone. Or, I can choose to share my ball and enjoy a memorable experience together. I could also stand there awkwardly holding the ball while the other child wonders why I’m not playing with them.

In this environment, I’m unable to see whatever affected my perspective toward them whether I knew what it was or not. It’s merely an invitation to have some fun instead of the other more complex behaviors we produce as adults. As I see myself handing the ball to the other child and our smiles lighting up while we run off together to play, I find my attitude towards the grownup version of the person has also changed. I see the value of a relationship which outweighs my reactions to a perceived offense.

Granted, the other child could refuse my offer to share my ball and play. However, this is my imagination, and I’m in full control of not only it but also my choices on how I feel and think about others. Regardless of what they have said or done to me, I can choose to see us as just little children who are still learning how to play together on this playground of life.

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