1 min readApr 16, 2022

While searching for new blockchain-based databases, I found the recent KurateDAO community and was pleasantly surprised by its work. The project is designed for Web3 applications, with the goal of applying crypto-economic games to curate the information world.

The main advantage of KurateDAO is the ability to monetize content for sponsors and pay curators and scouts. After gathering information and creating a database, developers can create web3 -applications that are completely user-centric.

Community members have roles that they perform in order to achieve certain results:
- Mentors. Creates the database upon which the application is subsequently developed. They are the ones who define the bylaws and decide on the inclusion of content in the database.

- Scouts. Responsible for finding and contributing content that meets the requirements of the database bylaws. When content is included in the database, the scout starts earning, and the amount of earnings depends on the views of the content.

- Checkers. Their job is to track the database and make a bet as to whether the content will be included there or not. Thus, a verifier’s earnings are based on the knowledge and determination of the curator’s decision.

- Viewers. They pay a small sum, watch the ads, and use cryptography when working with content. The proceeds are shared between curators and scouts.
Cooperation between stakeholders is governed by an unchanging social contract and bylaws that do not change. In this way, the stakeholders are assured that the terms of reference remain unchanged.
With love ❤