This is a stupidity free zone!!!

These days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore sheer stupidity!!!

How many times have you heard something said that totally annoys or baffles you? Here are a couple of classic examples said by people of learning, in particular several of today’s historians, who quite frankly should know better:-

‘Sir Christopher Wren built St Paul’s Cathedral.’ No he didn’t. He designed and oversaw its construction. Neither did Henry VIII build Hampton Court.

The same goes for anything said about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Historians and others still tend to insist that he built the ship Great Eastern amongst other things, not forgetting the railway lines across the United Kingdom that he contracted to provide. But, just like Henry VIII and Sir Christopher Wren, Brunel did not actually get his hands dirty physically building anything he is acknowledged as being responsible for!

Even today there are still a lot of overprivileged chinless wonders living in rarefied circles who still insist on pronouncing names like Cholmondeley as Chumley, while at the same time perpetuating the myth that the construction of great houses such as Petworth pictured below, is solely down to their aristocratic owners rolling their sleeves up and turning to with hammer, nails, chisel and saw.

Complete and utter poppycock!

The owners commissioned others to design their grand houses and ornate gardens. Then a workforce of builders were employed to construct the former.

Regarding the latter, Capability Brown and other landscape designers of his time only ever drew up the landscape plans for many of the ornate gardens surrounding the UK’s stately houses. Then employed teams of navvies and plantsmen to construct them as per the plans.

Then there are the things university educated radio announcers (in particular those employed by the BBC) say without realising how stupid they sound. Such as saying something along the lines of “you have just been listening to Valery Gergiev conducting the Royal Philharmonic.

This begs a simple question — how in hades can you hear someone waiving their arms in the air like a demented banshee? What they should have said was, “you have just heard Beethoven’s fifth symphony being played by the Royal Philharmonic, conducted by Valery Gergiev!

Then there is the proliferation of utterly cringworthy Americanisms such as “he disrespected me!” Sorry to burst your bubble, but what ‘he’ actually did was to show his disrespect for or to you! The same goes for a particular pet hate of mine and other writers such as newspaper reporters, the words going forward. Click on the words highlighted in red to read a newspaper article on the subject.

What complete idiot thought that one up I wonder?

Do yourselves a huge favour. Think long and hard before you open your mouths in the future. If you hadn’t already realised it, many abhor stupidity in its many forms. In that regard I’m no different.

One last thing — whether you choose to do this is entirely down to you. From now on whenever anyone inappropriately inserts the word ‘like’ into any given sentence within earshot of my lazyboy chair, I won’t hesitate to slap them around the head or throw something at them, given half a chance…

For god’s sake people, unless you want a thick ear, do please get these things right!!!