Last month I sold my 14 year old hand-me-down car. It was a gift from my parents when my daughter was born. …

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Route marker on a hiking trail in Gokarna

Last week, I put out my theory for how organisations should be defined and held to account. This is the second part of a personal update series. The first:

I listed three organisations I’ve been affiliated with: HasGeek, the Python Software Society of India (PSSI), and the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF). PSSI has shut down and is covered in that post. This one is about the other two.

IFF was formed by a few volunteers of the SaveTheInternet movement and assumed its mandate. In its two years of existence, it has pursued the goal of full net neutrality, seeing it through towards being an official recommendation from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It has also pursued related interests, including highlighting the problem of internet shutdowns and asking for better privacy standards. …

I was invited to present a keynote at PySangamam last week. Since I have been grappling with the design of community-serving organisations for a while, I spoke on that. This post is an extended version of the talk.

For context, I’m a co-founder of HasGeek (est. 2010), a company that hosts technical conferences; of the Python Software Society of India (PSSI) (est. …


Kiran Jonnalagadda

Tech and society enthusiast. I helped make @hasgeek, @internetfreedom, @kaarana_, @SpeakForMe, @hasjob, and @KilterClub.

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