Kyoto and Osaka: July 19th-July 22nd

So sticky that I felt like velcro.

As I sit in air-conditioned comfort flying over the ocean, I reminisce that if I had one word to describe the last few days of the study tour, it would be ‘hot’. However, if I had five, it would be “UNREASONABLY hot but uniquely beautiful”.

Instead of cowering behind my non-existent pride, I’m going to admit it: I chickened out of one or two activities due to the heat. However, now that I no longer have to deal with the heat, I can say I have no regrets about what I did attend.

On the 20th, we visited Kinkakuji! The gardens are really beautiful this time of year, as is the temple, though every time I come back I can’t help but feel like a cattle being herded.

Afterwards, we travelled to Nara to go to Todai-ji! I tried taking a picture with a deer and this was (unfortunately) the best I could get.


We also met a street performer who travels called “Starduck Tony”! Check him out.

The day after, I rented out a bike and decided to explore Kyoto on my own. This was such a nice day. I’ll let the pictures do the talking (well, typing).

It was an absolutely awesome experience, and I’m not even fit! Definitely give it a try when you’re in Kyoto.

Earlier today, I took this photo which pretty much sums up how everyone is feeling right now.


Either way, I’ve got some rest to get. Big day tomorrow at Cairns Airport for my birthday! I hope you enjoyed reading these blogs. (Especially you, Leigh, since you’re the one who I’m really trying to cater towards. :) )


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