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Rebun Island: July 2nd-4th

Two and a half days that felt like a decade.

Do you often reminisce about the “school trip feeling”? That is, when you were a kid and go on a trip with all your friends to an unknown location in the middle of nowhere and though it feels like something you’re struggling to get through while it’s still happening, in the end it changed you for the best?

At this stage, that’s the best description I can give regarding my visit to Rebun Island. Or, more fittingly, our youth hostel.

Prior to the trip, Leigh gave us a brief idea of what this experience would be like. Crazy, weird and odd were some words used to describe this youth hostel, but frankly, no pep talk can prepare you for actually being in amongst it.

That’s a weather report.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other pictures of the youth hostel, as they were slightly discouraged and videos were prohibited. However, I did want to offer up something I viewed in regards to both economics and culture while staying here.

In terms of economics, I noticed that a lot of people here seemed to live in quite a poor condition. Granted, this is probably due to the island being largely undeveloped and tourism and fishing being its main income sources, but I did notice a noticable drop in quiality of living compared to places I have been to so far.

Regarding culture, especially the stuff that happened at the youth hostel, there was definite tinge of what Westerner’s would call “Japanese weirdness”. I definitely felt that things here were distinctly ‘foreign’, as the Japanese guests at the hostel (as well as the staff) seemed to be much more engrossed and accepting of what happened than a lot of our tour group.

As for what else happened on the island, a few other tour participants and I didn't end up going on the hike. Instead, we went for a (granted, still quite long) walk and then headed into town for some lunch and a dip in the onsen. I also experienced the points regarding economics above in these areas of the island.

It’s going to be weird returning to civilisation, but I'm sure it'll be worth not getting woken up at 5am anymore!

Here are some more photos I took on Rebun Island.

Written by Jack Fetter for 1024LAL on July 4th, 2015.

See you in Sapporo!

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