A disastrous move then, and one that has haunted the franchise ever since.

Absolutely laughable comment.

A) The guy was breaking down at the time of the shutdown anyway. A review of his game logs from that season would show you he got lit up like a Christmas Tree in 2 of his last 3 starts.

B) As pointed out in the article, the guy who started in his place (Ross Detwiler) pitched masterfully in his one start that series. Gio was going to start twice anyway since he was clearly the best pitcher on that team in the regular season, Strasburg included.

C) Yeah, Strasburg has had injury problems, but so have many other very good pitchers. Clayton Kershaw is a good example, now looking at back to back seasons with an extended DL trip. The best example to prove why shutting him down made more sense? Matt freaking Harvey. That guy’s career basically ended in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series. He’s only made a combined 30 starts in the 1.6 seasons since and has an ERA of 5.02 in that time frame. The Mets pushed him to try and win it all, they ended up losing anyway, and in the process they destroyed a promising young pitcher.

D) The argument at the time was that the Nats never knew when they would get another chance, and COUNTLESS people thought they were a one-hit wonder. They’ve won more games than any team in baseball since the start of that 2012 season, and are about to make their 4th trip to the playoffs in 6 years. The times that he was healthy and pitching at the end of the year (2013–2015), the Nats ended up further away from their ultimate goal than in the two seasons he wasn’t pitching at the end (two missed playoffs and a 4 game NLDS loss vs two 5-game NLDS losses). You make it seem like they wasted their only opportunity 5 years ago, when that clearly has not been the case.

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