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The problem with this premise is that you’re making it seem like there are more than 4 teams that have a legit shot at an NBA title in a given year. Seriously ask yourself, going into last year, who had a real shot at winning the whole thing aside from Cleveland, Golden State, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City? And don’t give me the Clippers as if they’ve ever been a legitimate contender.

This year, it’s even worse. Who outside of the Warriors and Cavs has a better than 2% chance of even GETTING TO the NBA Finals, much less winning it? Unless LeBron gets hurt, Cleveland is winning the East, and unless two of Steph/KD/Klay/Draymond get hurt, Golden State is winning the West.

So why should the Wizards give up their one reliable asset, who could potentially luck them into the District’s first appearance in the conference championship round of a big four sport since 1998? Trading Wall for bit pieces and a draft pick that MIGHT end up being as good as Wall doesn’t make any sense at all.

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