More Media/Medium Bias?
Traditional Tradesman

I appreciate your thoughts on political groupthink relative to Medium content. This is something we work hard to avoid at Medium. The reason why we are pursuing a conversation around criminal justice reform is because it is a complex and nuanced issue with many interested parties. It is also relevant to the political conversation in Washington DC right now. This is an issue many on the left and right are both speaking about. We hope this conversation will include all opinions and viewpoints about the merits and pitfalls of reform and in turn make us to all more knowledgable on the issue.

At Medium we’d also like to be the agnostic platform where everyone from Members of Congress, scholars, activists, and all Medium users can come and share thoughts, stories, and opinions on the issues of the day. Starting Monday and during the following two weeks you will see content from organizations representing all parts of the political spectrum. I hope you’ll take the time to read and share your thoughts on the points made during this time.

Again, I really appreciate you mentioning this important point. As the one who works on conservative outreach at Medium I hope it will always be a place where people from all political ideologies feel comfortable to participate in a thoughtful conversation.

Here’s an example of the kind of content we will be seeing more of over the next few weeks.

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