Buy Gear Shift Cable Replacement Kits Online

So, you are all set to attend an important business meeting and unfortunately your vehicle could not get started. Apart from many reasons, it might happen due to any fault in the gear shift cable. Gears are important parts of any vehicle which makes the riding easier and faster and the gear shifters allow you to change them while driving. Different cables are attached with the shifters which help in changing the gears after pulling them. But, the cable gets damaged if the bushing at the end of it malfunctions. You need to repair it to get the vehicle start again. Earlier, it used to be a tedious job which requires replacing the entire transmission cable and disintegrating many interior parts of the vehicle like seats and carpets which involved huge costs. However, the arrival of bushing repair kits has made this much easier.

If your vehicle is not starting, you can easily detect that it happened due to the shift cable failure. When you try to move the shift lever to reverse, it will move easily but the vehicle will not move. After a deeper examination, you will find that transmission cable is not attached and the bushing that holds the cable onto the transmission lever has been damaged. Now, it is time to go for a repair job of the shift cable otherwise you will remain stuck and could not move further.

In order to perform gear shift cable replacement by yourself, you have to acquire a repairing kit which will make your job very easy. You can start by setting the parking brake so that the wheels are blocked. After that, access the shift cable end which is underneath the vehicle and on the front right side of the driver’s seat. The broken bushing will be hanging down slightly which you can remove with a small screwdriver and install a cup over the pierced end of the bushing. The bushing into the shift cable is fixed by pushing it in such a way that the tip of the cup is pointed toward the driver’s side and after it is done, the cup is pulled off the bushing. When it is confirmed that bushing is placed securely into its place, you can start your vehicle.

You can order these bushing repairing kits online as many of the companies prefer to sell them over the internet. They are available in different sets which you can choose according to the type of vehicle you own.