I’ve just graduated! Now what am I going to do?

You’re probably wondering why I decided to title this post as I did but it’s a genuine question I’ve asked myself constantly since finishing university. I officially graduated from university last Thursday and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do next. But whilst I figure that out, I’m producing content. Content, content, and more content. I’ve thought about this for a little while and I’m now just saying sod it and doing it. I’ve followed Gary Vaynerchuk for a while now and his stuff has really started to resonate with me over the past few weeks, which is why I’ve ended up at this point

I’m going to be pumping out content, it may be a little slow to start with but I’m aiming to be publishing content around 4 days a week, eventually moving to 6 days a week/daily. I’m going to be doing this on a couple of different platforms as well. Medium is going to be one of the main focuses, I’m going to be posting on here once a week at minimum (Most likely a Monday morning, but it’ll be trial and error to start with to see which day is best). I’m going to be giving my views on everything from business, marketing news, current affairs, and also my what books I’ve been reading and listening to in the world of podcasts.

Starting in November, I’m venturing into the world of podcasts and starting my own. I will be sitting down with people who inspire me and I aspire to be like. We’ll be tackling a wide variety of topics but it’ll mainly focus around their stories, successes and struggles they have faced, current affairs and what’s going on in their industries.

The yet unnamed podcast (suggestions welcome…) will be going out twice weekly on a Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday will be more topic based around what’s going on in an industry and Sunday’s podcast will be focus more on a person’s story (a little more easy listening if you like.)

The launch date is yet to be confirmed but once I have stockpiled a good number of episodes, that will become more clear.

For now, I’m going to be more active on Twitter and other social platforms. It’s best to follow to me on there as I’ll be posting a lot. In the mean time, I’ve got a bit of learning to do around podcasts and a new post to plan.

See you in the next post!