Digital Exile: How I Got Banned for Life from AirBnB
Jackson Cunningham

AirBnB is a massive undertaking. It’s understandable they make mistakes.

That said, AirBnB and too many other large SaaS companies only see people as products upon which they mine revenue by hosting a marketplace. They don’t care about individual customers at a certain level.

There’s little doubt about that. Neither does or any other large lodging SaaS, or pretty much any global or national level SaaS for that matter.

Even smaller ones play the idiot card of not wanting to censor even provably false information, yet if you try to post an accurate review but you missed the 3 day cutoff limit or whatever, good luck getting them to let you do that!

I woudn’t necessarily stop using them forever and a day because of this … i’ve had my own share of really annoying airbnb nightmares. but i would keep posting about it and raising heck. eventually they’ll have to respond properly, or else get their butts handed to the by the power of the network, blessed may it be, which is equally as quick to giveth as it is to taketh away.