Here’s how your piece begins: “New Brunswick is simultaneously a great place, and the worst place…
Robert Moore

Wow, Robert, you really hit the nail on the head.

As the partner of one of Saint John’s well known Visual artists, I have been exposed to much creative art and crafts made right here in Saint John. Many of the individuals, who make these, don’t feel they have to be somewhere else in order to fulfill themselves. It’s not that the citizens of our fair city don’t support their creative persons. Notice the vernissages which are so well attended. How about the Gallery Hops?

Ms Wright should get out more and have a look at what’s happening around her. Perhaps she could do a weekly piece on what admirable creative activities, in the Arts, are being done in Saint John.

Robert, I can’t agree more with you about the support from the “Medicis”. On the seventeenth of this month, the New Brunswick Museum hosted “Singular”. This event was so well received by the public that it will be presented again in February. But where was the journalistic support from the CBC and or the Telegraph Journal? Both were sent media releases and there was no response from either. Is there some kind of bias ?

Our artists are consistently ignored by those in command at the National Gallery. Why is this? That isn’t the City’s fault. We even have had a Cultural Affairs officer, The Saint John Arts Centre and an Arts Board funded by the city.

Thanks for your article. It’s about time that someone voiced their opinion about these issues.

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