Education Secretary, Justine Greening is giving a key speech on grammar schools at St Mary’s College, Twickenham today.

Ms Greening is expected to argue that new grammar schools will ‘work for everyone’ and children from ‘ordinary families’ will benefit.

If anything, at least the Tories are being consistent in keeping to their soundbites, while doing the exact opposite and continuing to hurt ‘ordinary working families’.

Despite a coalition of opposition to reintroducing selective education from former Conservative Education Minister, Nicky Morgan, former Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and The Labour Party. The Government seems set on continuing its lurch to the hard right and appeasing it’s own right-wing, Brexit backing backbenchers and wooing back disenfranchised Ukippers.

To create an education system that truley ‘works for everyone’, Ms Greening must leave grammar schools in 1944 and not create a selective two tier education system.

If the Tories want to be the party of ‘working people’, they must abandon grammar schools which will only reinforce middle class privilege and class division. We know only 3% of pupils at grammar schools are eligible for free school meals. Therefore, how grammar schools cannot be hailed as the source for social mobility Ms Greening claims they are?

But perhaps Ms Greening should consider stopping off at St Margaret’s, Twickenham on her way back to Westminster, where a local group of ‘Fair Funding for Schools’ has formed. Schools in Richmond are facing a £7million cut as a result of a reduction in Government funding.

Ms Greening must stop turning a blind eye from the real problems facing education, under funding, teacher recruitment and over testing.