Day One: Filming 11:35am

Down in the a East Village with Creative Media Collective (C.M.C.) composed of my friends Tim, Richard and Dave doing some filming for a video for the East Village blogger job.

Even though the Scotiabank Marathon has made it somewhat more difficult for us to gather and organize ourselves, it is fantastic to see so many people out and about for a marathon. There’s an energy in the air.

Love this sign!
Walkers out as part of the Scotiabank Marathon.


Even though this is a lot of work, I am enjoying myself immensely.

This is a really great opportunity to be doing something creative and imaginative with some of my oldest friends. All three of them are very talented and creative people who’s abilities have gone under appreciated by the world at large (so far).

The irony that this would get me a paid position when I’m primarily an amateur at all this is not lost on me.

Still, I can’t help but feel I was made for this gig. Everything from my personal history with the area, my fascination with urban life and my desire to write all seem to add up to making this the perfect gig for me. And hopefully, a perfect opportunity for some talented friends show off their skills to a broader audience.


Learned the difference between a sun roof and a moon roof, Dave feels he has fulfilled his purpose on planet Earth.

Saw the design of the logo Dave and Richard have created for me and am blown away by how awesome it is. Amazing the work they’ve put into it.

2:49pm East Village Main Square

Filming now and set up at the new East Village main square. This whole area was just opened up in the last few days, complete with movable public furniture.

It’s a fantastic setup and I like the red chairs, they really provide a nice visual ‘pop’ for the square.

5:20pm 4th Street Lilac Festival

Gone down to the Lilac Festival and what a spectacular day for it. Despite a brief burst earlier, it’s stayed sunny for the vast majority of the day and the result is palpably noticeable on the street.

Only a few times a year do you see this many Calgarians out on the streets of the city enjoying everything it has to offer.

Some of the many, many Calgarians attending the Lilac Fair on 4th Street.

6:35pm Dinner & Daily De-brief

Had a very productive day of filming and visiting the Lilac Festival. We’ve been very successful in getting the footage that we wanted and I am feeling very confident I’m going to have a great video for my application.

Even setting that aside, it’s been a great day spent with friends enjoying our city’s emerging urban neighbourhoods.