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Apparently it’s time to find a job and earn my keep. The year is 2030 and I turn 18 next week.

I’ll head down to the job centre and speak to an advisor. They’ll run me through my options and I’ll come home all the wiser.

I swipe my phone and just like that a car is at my door. No steering wheel, no driver and no pedals on the floor.

There’s no small talk of weather, no one asks me where to go. My supremely clever smart phone transmits all it needs to know.

I pass some new apartments on a big construction site. Where automated robot trades work hard all day and night. …

I have a problem with giant corporations and I am a fan of Craft beer. So in this article I aim to help independent craft brewers better understand their online audience behaviour.

AnswerThePublic is a tool my company developed to read minds. It helps you understand what your target audience is looking for, which can be used to develop great content ideas. It’s a great way to explore a subject, and its free to use.

Let’s go to the website

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The seeker

The Seeker

On the home page you will meet the seeker, a curious person fascinated by the questions we have about life. In the big box type in any phrase you like. I’m going to type “craft beer” and select “UK” as my target audience. …

“Nike team in Portland just signed up for a trial. Within 4 hours they sent an email saying “we’re impressed”. Fifteen minutes later they signed up for a team plan. This is so fucking cool. I’m very happy.”

The latest in a string of fist bump emails from Gary Preston, my friend, founder and MD of, the software as a service (SaaS) business our company Propellernet gave birth to and has just come of age.

Break even…phew


We had a marketing agency the purpose of which is to make life better for the employees who make life better for our clients. We’d put in the hard years assembling a team and learning our craft. When we reached 50 people and £4million revenue we were top of our game, growing to 100 people and £8million seemed the natural course. …

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Another one bites the dust

“You need to look your best tonight so buy some nice new clothes

Those trousers and that polo shirt are less than ten euros

Did you ever stop to wonder how they make these clothes so cheap?

Well be mindful of the process and you’ll see it runs quite deep

Look there, the cotton farmer, out there working in his field

He’s struggling to make ends meet with such a paltry yield

He needs good pesticidical sprays from giant corporations

The bugs die, and his baby now has birth defect mutations

His wife needs pricey wonder drugs to fix her cancer…

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conveying inevitability

“Welcome unique human being so full of life potential

Your super hero powers are now growing exponential

We’ll get back to that in 20 years but for now please take a seat

We need to separate the useless chaff from all that wheat

The A’s and B’s well done, bravo, the C’s and D’s try harder

The E’s and F’s you’re stupid and we’re going to tell your father

You are a waste of oxygen, you have no actual point

You’ll just fuck up our stats again, give up and smoke a joint

The dyslexic dancing divas, the comedian rule breakers

The sweet artistic dreamers, the movers and the shakers

Our system will not tolerate your passion and ideas

So we’ll beat them all right out of you and replace them with our fears”

Inspired by Dawn Banks and her Dream Explorers project.

It’s been a year since Dream Valley opened its doors for business so I thought I’d take a moment to look back at what the hell just happened.

For those who don’t know Dream Valley is an alpine adventure playground in the French Alps 1 hour from Geneva. We have luxury chalets, ancient farmhouses, glacial lakes, forests, waterfalls, wildlife and wonderment. You can bike, hike, ski, climb, kayak, snowboard, parapente and wing suit your way around the epic natural landscapes. Or you can chill, be still and let the mindful mountains manifest their magic.

We wanted to replace meeting rooms, flip charts and conference halls with forests, mountain bikes and waterfalls. To take off the suits, put aside the agendas and help people get some much needed perspective and clarity of vision. To promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle as smart business strategies and to foster the development of meaningful relationships. …

I ran my first ever workshop “Connected Dreams” earlier this year in the corner of a sunny field at The Happy Startup Summercamp. I then followed Sophie’s Dream to Namibia. The serendipity of these 2 events is mind blowing.

The Workshop Idea

Dreams are destinations we program into our personal sat-nav systems that will take us on a journey where we meet cool people, learn new stuff and have a good time. Working on our own dream is hard but when we combine our dreams and work on them together, they happen more quickly and are more fulfilling.

Connected dreams is about connecting with people we can share our dreams with and have fun making them happen together.

And you may find yourself lying on Brad and Angelina’s bed at Okonjima Villa in Namibia watching 12 impalas, 4 wart hogs, 5 zebras, 3 kudu and a giraffe play.

And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

I followed a dream. Sophie’s dream.

I run digital marketing agency Propellernet. My philosophy is to make life better for our people. I encourage employees, friends, family and clients to dream up better realities for ourselves and the people around us.

If we become experts at dreaming up ways of making life better, life will keep getting better. Endless value creation for all stakeholders is a great cultural and commercial strategy. …

It’s easy to brand business leaders as power hungry dictators to be overthrown with pitch forks and picket lines. I am a power hungry dictator but my power doesn’t come from the pursuit of money and a culture of fear. It comes from the pursuit of dreams and a culture of love. As a result my ivory tower is bomb proof. And it fucking needs to be. We haven’t got time to dick around voting over which colour toilet paper to buy. There is important work to be done. …

I was invited to share my experience at a lively debate over power and ownership at Menaing 2015. Here’s the summary.

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The Panel

“I thought about this question at length and after reflecting on my own experience, I’m not sure ownership and power go hand in hand.

I see it like this…

A company isn’t a building. It isn’t a product, service, spreadsheet or brand name. A company is a group of people bound together by ideas and energy.

Founders, employees, customers. Their families and friends. An ecosphere of human lives bound together by ideas and energy.

If the main idea is money, then the energy is bad. Greedy founders, mercenary employees and hard nosed customers, eternal conflict. Bound by Fear. Destructive and Unsustainable. …


Jack Hubbard

Founder & CEO of @Propellernet. Creative, Commercial & Independently Minded Marketeers.

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