Fashion Victims

Another one bites the dust
“You need to look your best tonight so buy some nice new clothes
Those trousers and that polo shirt are less than ten euros
Did you ever stop to wonder how they make these clothes so cheap?
Well be mindful of the process and you’ll see it runs quite deep
Look there, the cotton farmer, out there working in his field
He’s struggling to make ends meet with such a paltry yield
He needs good pesticidical sprays from giant corporations
The bugs die, and his baby now has birth defect mutations
His wife needs pricey wonder drugs to fix her cancer growth
These pesticides and medicines, Agro Giant sells them both
He buys the sprays to boost his yield and kill off all the bugs
And when his family all get sick he’s back to buy their drugs
Those drugs aren’t cheap but it’s his wife, she’s worth at least a grand
His payments fall behind and now they come to take his land
He takes one final look around the place where he grew up
Then pours himself some pesticide and swallows from the cup
The biggest spate of suicides the world has even known
But wait the tinder icon just went beep on your iphone
You take a shower, cleanly shave, fresh mint upon your breath
Slip into your new outfit and complete the circle of death

Inspired by my freind Apu at No Nasties, and my brother Adam who is taking the cause to heart.