Office Not Required

Time in the office makes you sick and tired, we are the free range, office not required.

Run from the madness release your inner child, join in the movement and get back to the wild.

Cheap suits, business cards, trade show stands, networking with muppets and their limp shakey hands.

Swigging on a styrofoam, rank coffee, I’d rather rub shoulders with a big green tree.

Earls court, Olympia for goodness sake, come and do your lectures by an alpine lake.

Don’t tell me what to do, don’t tell me where to go, we like to do our meetings where the natural rivers flow.

Back to back meetings, nothings getting done, into your appraisal, which isn’t very fun.

Numbers on a spreadsheet on a PC screen, you didn’t sign up for this what happened to your dream.

Run from the rat race, traffic and the cars, head out into nature and look up at the stars.

Can’t see the wood for the corporate trees, stop breathing in the air-con, start breathing in the breeze.

Death to the printer, the copier and fax. Liberate your whole self and live life to the max.

You spent twenty years in an office block, now come and slap post-its on an ancient rock.

Cooped like a chicken, worked like a dog, talk about the project while your bouncing on a log.

Do you lie awake at night thinking is this it, do you feel inspired or is it pretty shit

Battery farmed office pods give you cabin fever, but not in the forest with my home boy beaver.

Slugging your guts out for a corporate whore, now we twerk while we work from the forest floor.

Rat tat tat, bullet points, power presentation, network on a chairlift at a rad ski station.

We are the free range, escape the 9 to 5, discover your creative self, its time to feel alive.

Time in the office makes you sick and tired, we are the free range, office not required.

Office not required, yo yo, office not required, yo yo office not required

This song goes out to all the free range brothers and sisters breaking out of the system.

Always Out Of Office, triple, O, O, O. Join the movement, complete the form below.

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The Alpselerator project teams were:

Also thanks to Rorie, Kate and Chalet Badney for our wonderful home for the week.