Jack Humphrey
5 min readApr 27, 2016


Inject Leverage Into Your Business For Faster Success

If you’d like to get where you’re going faster in your business you have 2 choices: work harder or add leverage. Since working harder is probably not your first choice, yet you don’t like the slow trajectory your business is on now, you’d do well to look for ways to speed up the process without giving up sleep.


Most people have heard about all the ways you can get attention for your brand that involves lots and lots of work. Content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing can be 3 separate full-time jobs.

You, on the other hand, might have only a little help. Or you might be doing it all on your own. And you already know that there are tons of things you can do to market your business that can suck up every single waking moment of your life if you let them.

Luckily, there really is an easier way to grow your business while maintaining a semblance of an actual life. Following are 6 ways you can add powerful leverage to your marketing that will bring you closer to the finish line a lot sooner.

Go Stage Diving. Take a break from writing your latest blog post for a moment and ponder how much farther (faster) you could go if you just showed up on a popular podcast in your market. Think about the traffic you’ll get from your blog post, once it gets ranked and shared, versus all the traffic from a sizeable targeted audience already gathered around a thought leader’s podcast and ready to listen.

Enlist An Affiliate Army. Whether you sell digital or physical products, or even a service, you can add an affiliate program to enlist a small army of brand evangelists who will spread the word about you and/or your products for you. There are many solutions for starting an affiliate program for your business which range from DIY (yuck) to full-service platforms like Clickbank.com (for digital products) to Amazon.com (for everything else, including digital products).

Set Up A Joint Venture. There is someone in your market, right now, who has a much larger audience than yours, who sells similar (but not directly competing) products to your target audience, who would love hearing about a new way to generate revenue with their audience. That’s where you come in. A properly crafted Win-Win-Win plan will land you a join venture that could pour sales into your business like nothing ever has before.

Make sure the plan includes a win for your joint venture partner’s audience (an awesome offer), and a win for them (more revenue). And, of course, the win for you is the exposure and sales once the promo launches.

Check Your Automation. Using automation is one of the biggest ways to leverage your time. Of course you already have mailing list automation like autoresponders and list segmentation, right? Other tools you can use include nifty productivity recipes from IFTT.com (If This Then That). There, you can automate all kinds of things you never imagined could be automated and connected to save you lots of time. Saving time is leverage, and every little bit helps!

Integration Marketing. As you are making connections with potential joint venture partners, remember to get every bit of value out of your connections by offering an “integration deal.” This is where your product or service gets integrated into their sales process rather than them just mailing about your once or twice.

A freebie from you gets placed in their sales funnel as a bonus or as part of their offer and they profit from customers checking you out and buying from you through their affiliate link. More revenue for them, automatic sales for you with no effort once it is all set up!

Milk Your Content. Most people put up content and do one round of promotion for it. They will go to social media and post it and try to engage their audience usually just once. Not only is that not very effective, it is a massive waste of the time and resources you put into creating the content. Most of your ideal audience won’t see or react to your single round of promotion. You have to find ways to talk about it to your audience for much more than the day you post it.

Repurpose your content and turn it into different things (audio, video, slides, white papers) and post those special formats on different platforms (SoundCloud, YouTube, Slideshare, etc.) To get the most out of your content, do multiple rounds of social posts by talking about different aspects and creating memes from the content for eye candy. Then spread that content around in different formats to take advantage of exposure you’re not getting right now.

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With over 18 years of online marketing experience, Jack Humphrey is a Master Leveragist. You can download his new book “The Leverage Black Book” at www.TheLeveragists.com.