Tuck your Sweater into your Pants!

I was in my friends bedroom (a guy that I had just recently met) waiting for him to shower and get ready to go out that Saturday night. I had many friends and each very different from each other. I liked it that way as I always liked variety and enjoyed experiencing new things and places with each of them.

After showering my friend walked into his bedroom and began to get dressed. I was preoccupied with playing a computer game, he was known as a computer geek, so I didn’t pay much attention to what he was selecting to wear. Finally when he was fully dressed I looked over and to my horror, he was wearing skin tight jeans (this is the early 90’s so guys never wore them like that, especially one with a slight gut), he had a huge thick and wooly sweater that was black and white, something from the late 80s. For shoes he wore some kind of soft grey leather boots which sagged (like women’s boots). He looked terrible and I didn’t have the courage to tell him how bad he looked and I was already thinking that I had to think of a plan B for that night. Plan B being places that had no dress requirements and were dark!

At this moment his brother walked into the bedroom and took a good look at him. He told him “you can’t go out like that you look ridiculously”. I was saved! I smiled at his brother and was relieved that his brother had some fashion sense. Unfortunately my relief was short lived because his brother promptly followed up with the following statement “you need to tuck your sweater into the jeans”. What? The jeans were tight and he had a slight gut so how could this be physically possible ? but somehow he managed and to top it off his brother went and got him some kind of studded belt to add that final touch. Imagine tight jeans, saggy leather women type boots, b/w wooly sweater tightly tucked into the tight jeans that were held up with a kind of studded belt…ugh!

When my friend finished getting dressed his brother said “You look good now”. At one bar the bouncer looked at my friend up and down, stared at the boots for a few seconds. The bouncer looked puzzled and confused, which was a good thing because I think that was the only reason he let us in that night, as he didn’t know what to make of the outfit or us.

The funny thing is that on another occasion his brother wore something totally worse but that is another story I need to tell.