Minimalism: class, fetishes and the fate of the planet
David Friedlander

Hello Mr. Friedlander- I appreciated this socio-historic look at minimalism as I am at present working towards a much less thing-centric mode of living. The conclusion of this piece I think is the most important, considering that it addresses the way vapid consumption is damaging our planet.

With the final point in mind do you have (or know of) proposals to create more sustainable paths to minimalism? I am at present preparing for a cross country move and it involves a Kondo clearing out (among other things), but I am struggling with the result of where discarded items might go. I am aware of fast fashion trends damaging the recyclable nature of clothes, I am familiar with Poverty Inc.’s concerns of dumping unwanted clothes to other countries to make a quick buck and so I am at a bit of a loss as to where my bags of unwanted things should go. I have donated to Dress for Success, Goodwill and tech recycling programs so far — but I know that much will still at the end be relegated to the garbage, no matter the organization I give to.

Your thoughts on this matter would be much appreciated.

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