Developing a social media annual report that shines

In the age of technology, many social media managers are finding there are more and more data points available – both natively and within other tools – to measure social media efforts. But with an increase in data comes an increased likelihood of confusion for managers and their teams. Which data points matter? Are the number of “fans” important anymore?

A page from UGA’s annual social media report

Collecting Data

From monthly reporting to an annual report

The difference between an annual report and a year-end summary

UGA’s decision

Elements of a great annual report


UGA uses bar graphs and arrows for displaying followers.


UGA clarifies the landscape of Instagram as well as their own strategy on the platform.


UGA uses a larger and bolder font to drive home major data points.


UGA describes video efforts on Facebook with a screenshot.

Related efforts

UGA highlights the efforts and outcomes of their Digital Dawg ambassador program.

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