Higher Ed Halloween Spooktacular!

Courtesy of Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Higher education social media managers often jump on the opportunity to be part of a larger conversation in the noisy social media space, and Halloween is one of the few holidays they can get involved.

Here’s a roundup of some spooktacular content from colleges. Share your favorites from Halloween 2018 in the comments!

Pumpkin Carving

Many institutions decorated pumpkins with their school mascot or other notable symbols.

UT Arlington worked with the Fab Lab on campus to develop a vinyl sticker
Newcastle University experimented with Facebook’s new 3D photo feature
University of New Hampshire dedicated an entire blog post to pumpkin carving on campus
Creighton University couldn’t resist a Halloween pun paired with a dedication to their mascot.
UNL highlighted their supply chain management degree opportunity with a cool pumpkin.
Michigan State skipped the carving but kept the school pride.
University of Delaware might win for best photo.

Ghost Stories

Halloween is all about spooky stories, right? These institutions told tall tales about their history.

Lancaster University told the history of the institution in a Twitter thread
UNC-Chapel Hill told ghost stories about campus on their weekly podcast.

Costumes on Campus

Who says that dressing up is only for kids?

Brigham Young University students LOVE dressing up, and do a great job! BYU showed off the best costumes in a Facebook album.

The Next Blair Witch Project

These institutions took scaring to a new level with Halloween videos.

Students part of the UC Berkley team created a film that also serves a dual purpose — promoting its Snapchat.
Longwood University tapped into its (experienced) expert on fear.
The Princeton University Tiger goes trick or treating…and there sure are some tricks!
The University of Western Australia knows it’s all about the soundtrack

How did your campus celebrate Halloween? Share in the comments!