I am a Bernie supporter who happens to have the deepest respect for Hillary Clinton, but do not…

Lon Shapiro: I thought I had explain why not to rally behind Clinton, so let me have another shot.

As we can see with Trump’s increasing popularity, people are tired of the way things are in the country. HRC would continue the same policies and nothing would change.

The time has come to push for a progressive government to improve the situation because neither Republicans or Democrats are willing to do what is needed. Bernie’s increasing popularity points to this.

The author, along with the media and the DNC, presuppose HRC will be the candidate when the primary elections are not even over! By July Bernie will have the majority of the popular vote and HRC will be badly damaged from the Republican attacks and the current FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation, for which she raised money in exchange for favors as secretary of state.

This is why the author’s argument is false. A better one would be, will HRC supporters rally behind Bernie when he wins the popular vote?

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