Inspiration: Jackie Ann
Heath ዟ

Heath Houston: I don’t even know how to respond to this but I’ll try… Firstly I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU because this is so thoughtful and beautifully written and I never thought in a million years anyone would react to my writing this way. Until I started blogging here I hardly shared my writing with anyone — only people really close to me and then only occasionally even with them. Then a friend asked me to publish something in her publication and I said yes. I’d never even heard of Medium before and I was scared to do it, really scared actually because it feels like putting a little piece of me “out there” and it’s very personal and vulnerable pieces and I felt like I’d be losing parts of myself, so to speak, by doing it but I was so wrong! I found parts of myself! And I got hooked on sharing. I love the experiences I’ve had here, reading amazing writing and connecting with other creative spirits. It’s an expansive, safe zone for personal reflection and expression and I dig it very much. It’s helped me in other aspects of my life too, as I learn more everyday to push myself out of my comfort zone and truly realize that vulnerability is strength.

And yes, I’ve noticed a similarity in our writing too. I think we both reach really far into ourselves to the wellspring of creativity — of LIFE, which there aren’t words for because it’s pure feeling in that space, pure energy — but when you plunder the depths and manage to touch some of it, really feel it, you can sometimes bring some words back and maybe make someone else feel the same thing you did and make them get inspired too. It comes from a space of intuition, which is a world of imagery and feelings, almost surreal, which can be hard to translate into words. But what I’m trying to say is that I think we’re both very intuitive writers. And I am so humbled and moved by your lovely compliments. It means so much knowing that someone has enjoyed, appreciated, and been inspired by what I’ve shared here. I definitely remember the encouragement you’ve given me and I truly appreciate it. Especially since I do fall into those times of self doubt and I get scared to share things I’ve written, and I become overly critical of myself. We all go through those times, but knowing that there are writers who feel this way about my writing makes me want to keep pushing myself to transcend what I thought I couldn’t.

You inspire me too! Very much! You’re so raw, real, vulnerable, and yet there’s always tenderness even when there’s hurt and pain. I FEEL your poetry and I’ve bookmarked many of them because they require multiple, slow reads to really get the full experience. Yes, I’ve been inspired to push myself harder to try to reach those depths that you and other amazing writers have reached. It’s fantastic, it’s beautiful, and I think I know now for sure why at four years old — before I could read or write — I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Again, THANK YOU. This made me smile from the inside out :)

Also, I love the image! Very cool! I can’t stop smiling, seriously. This means a whole lot to me! Thank you :)


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