I Am Multi-Faceted

When I feel anxious or afraid I tend to let those aspects of my experience consume me and I start to feel inadequate, worthless, and like a failure. This is simply not true. I can have what I deem to be “negative” emotions and still be strong. The problem is the way I judge myself when I feel “negative” emotions. Lately I’ve been feeling fear and anxiety popping up but I’m proud of myself because I’ve come a long way in dealing with it. I’ve realized that what I’m scared of is the feelings themselves. I’m scared to do things that might scare me or cause me to feel anxious. When I do those things anyway, allow the feelings to come and go, don’t judge myself, allow myself to feel them — things turn out fine. This too shall pass. I woke up fearing the day — well, how I thought I’d feel today, and I had this thought in my head: “Today is going to be difficult”. I felt anxious. Then I tried reversing that thought. I thought “Today is just another day and one with the opportunity to prove to myself that I am strong and I can accept myself even when I’m scared.” I felt better! Of course it’s not always easy to think of it this way, but being anxious is a tremendous opportunity to be brave. That’s the choice I will make. I am a complex, multi-faceted person. Anxiety does not consume me. It can be my ally.

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