The Woman Behind the Curtain
Charlie Sierra Bravo

Well, I just wanted to highlight the whole thing and give it much more than one ❤. This resonated with me very deeply, as I’ve been on a similar journey. It seems easy to answer that ‘who am I?’ question at first blush, but really it’s the most difficult and more important question we can ever answer. I think a lot about who I am independent of what I think other’s expectations are of me, etc. But what I realize is that I really have all the power in shaping my life and the most challenging obstacle is actually ME. I came to that realization the other day while I was taking a walk and it just hit me — how I’ve been having anxiety about all these things when in reality I’M the only obstacle to all the things I want. Yet, it’s still important to be compassionate toward yourself, connect with others authentically, and be in touch with your inner being as well, of course. I love how you have found a bond with your inner being and have been able to connect with her wisdom. If we just listen to what our intuition tells us I believe we will not be steered wrong. It’s as if life is a journey of remembering…and having some fun along the way. Thanks so much for sharing this piece. I’m very glad that I read it :)

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