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Hey old man, I am so with you! We need to have a voice where the whippersnappers seem to be wiping their asses.

Like you, writing has always been my strength. My teachers taught me to be concise and I try to teach my high school students to do the same (although, I teach foreign languages and social studies to English language learners). It is a constant fight to promote reading and writing, let alone rhetoric. Text language has brutalized my trade and some days I really feel I have to pick my battles. In the meantime, I try to keep my skills tight by editing for others and writing for my own pleasure.

Submitting my own work seems terrifying when I see what passes for content on these sites. Once in a while you find something great, but so much of it follows some inane marketing formula; most articles seem like persuasive writing assignments from Kaplan. And the subject matter! Jeez! Maybe this is a generational thing because I’m not trying to start my career, but so much of it is just BORING! I don’t make lists, I don’t have a startup, and I think Kanye should be hospitalized, possibly euthanized, for the greater good.

A little humor would be delightful. I look forward to reading what you have to offer and hopefully it will inspire me to do the same.

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