3rd Thanksgiving in United States!

Had a chance to evacuate from the chill in New England, I was amused by the welcoming sunshine and hospitable temperature on the West Coast. Most importantly, my parents picked me up at LAX, crazily jammed in November 23rd. The six-and-half hour flight was so exhausting that I went directly to the bed, said about wasting time sleeping.

UC San Diego

Feature architecture

This is one of the school I visited and applied for, with spacious campus and attractions.

We visited a couple of universities in the first day, then we drove back to Los Angeles.

I have been watching the Lakers for quite a few years. Kobe Bryant has occupied a huge chapter of my youth since I was in elementary school. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to watch him play in Staple Center at that night, I did enjoy watching the Warriors.

Steph and Draymond

Everyone believes that Golden State will win that game, and LA just lost two days ago in the road game, so the game itself was not quite intense. Kevin Durant had hot hands and Stephen Curry shot decently. Unfortunately, Draymond Green got injured when hustling.

Most entertaining moment in the game : Stephen Curry missed his first dunk attempt of this season !!!!!!

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