There is a lot of hype around sunscreen safety, and I think it is important for consumers to be informed from accurate sources regarding the issues at hand. See my original post here about sunscreen safety.

Today I wanted to specifically address the issue of nanoparticles. A lot of natural and organic sunscreens are marketing their sunscreens as “non-nano.” Why? The ingredients most likely to be nanosized are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are top of the list for the “safe” sunscreen movement. So are the “safe” sunscreens not safe either???

See what the EWG says


Nanoparticles refer…

Ever wonder if you are using the best shampoo for your hair? Well check out this comprehensive review from on some of the best shampoos on the market.

Their methodology is intense, and in the process, does a remarkably thorough and well thought-out attempt to pare down the enormous choice that consumers have when buying shampoos. Their top pick for Normal to Dry Hair is a really nice product (Davine’s Oi shampoo).

OK, so it’s a little too late for gifting, but never too late for giving yourself a fresh start to 2017!

If you are looking for a few new fresh ways to get your skin glowing, look no further! I’ve got some of my favorite new discoveries that anyone can use!

Heeere are some of my faaaavorite things!!! (Did that sound like Oprah?)

Eye cream with SPF

Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal was featured in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Journalist Amy Molloy consults with Dr. Dosal about over-stretched concerns regarding sunscreen safety.

My homemade sunscreen experiment. Can anyone spot the most essential ingredient in the realization of this blog? Hint — it’s in blue (baby monitor a.k.a nap time).

Why, might you ask, did I attempt to try to make my own sunscreen? Boredom on vacation?

I think many of us are attracted to do-it-yourself home remedies. They seem cheaper and it might make sense to use things that are already in the cupboard. For instance, apple cider vinegar seems to be the internet/Facebook “cure-all” — it can fix everything! Pretty soon I started noticing links for how to make your own sunscreen. I haven’t tried apple cider vinegar yet, but had to try this one.

But does it really work? …

Can you use diet to help prevent against skin cancer?

The answer is No.

And Yes.

The reason why I say “no” first is that there are no superfoods in the world that can fully protect against any cancers, and NOTHING replaces sun-safe behavior as the single most effective strategy against skin cancer. We are all looking to take back some control against the scariness and sometimes unfair nature of cancer. Diet can seem like the most obvious choice, but let’s not let diet overshadow the most important factors in preventing skin cancer, in this order:

  1. Sun protection
  2. Sun protection

I LOVE my gel manicures! Lasting at least two weeks, gel manicures have finally made my pincers look pretty! Like many of you, I had been wondering about the safety about the UV lamps that are used to cure the gel manicures. They seem fairly benign, but there has been some press questioning its safety.

When I read a recent issue of JAMA Dermatology, I was relieved to read that the authors concluded that the risk of skin cancer was very very low with gel/UV manicures, even with regular use. This is what I suspected, so I stopped worrying. …

Note: Dermatology-free post! Ever since I downloaded Amazon’s Audible, an audiobook app for your iPhone and other devices, I have been a “reading” machine! It probably helps that my clinical load is much less for the last month, freeing up space for some other things.

One of my majors in college was anthropology, so I really love anything that analyzes why we live the way we do. In the last month, I have “listened” to the following three books that have shaped my worldview more than I expected: Paula Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bebé (for the second time), Michael Pollan’s In…

Recently I spent 3 days at a University of Miami Dermatology 60th Anniversary Conference learning from leaders in the field (most of which were UM alumni), my peers, and even our super smart current residents. I’m a sucker for these meetings — I love to soak it all in. I always learn so much from these meetings, and it’s learning that challenges me to constantly improve with the ever-changing science of medicine.

Learning, I realize, is one of the favorite parts of my career. I’m fortunate to be one of those people who absolutely loves what I chose for my…

Sticking to those New Years resolutions? Need a little motivation? Maybe I can help. Many of the good things we do for our body and mind can have a positive effect on our skin. What a nice bonus! Don’t we all want glowing skin?

Let’s review below:

Move daily — Get that blood flowing and move daily! Whether it’s a walk, a fitness class, yoga, or pilates, just move your body.Research shows that individuals over 65 who performed at least 3 hours of moderate to vigorous exercise a week were able to reverse the signs of aging. Compared to non-exercising…

Jackie Dosal, MD

Dermatologist at Skin Associates of South Florida & the University of Miami.

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