Bright on the Beach

A recount of my last weekend trip before the terrors of finals and term papers.

Just a few days before my last weekend in Cambridge, one group of friends asked me to go to Scotland and another group asked me to go to Dublin. I decided to go to Dublin with Scarlet and Yu because I knew them better; but last minute we decided to go to Brighton/Sussex for two days because I couldn’t finish my history term paper on time. Our plan was to hit the Seven Sisters/Beach Head cliffs early afternoon, walk around Brighton until the evening and explore the nightlife, and then see the Pavilion in the morning.

So early Saturday morning, we caught the 8:15 train to Brighton! There were a lot of PKP people on the same train, with everyone rushing to do last minute trips to London/elsewhere and class field trips for the literary class. 45 minutes later we arrived at King’s Cross, took the underground to Victoria Station, and grabbed a seat on the train to Seven Sisters.

…or so we thought…

Apparently there was miscommunication amongst the train workers because we ended up at West Britain when we wanted to go East…ultimately our plans were delayed about 2 hours. But nonetheless we made it to the Eastbourne station! Upon arrival we struggled to find a bus to the cliffs — everyone, including the information desk, kept giving us faulty information (mostly due to how they did not realise all buses were late). Eventually we just talked to bus drivers directly and were on our way.

Driving up, there was a lot of traffic…we all thought that seemed weird. When we made it to the stop and walked to the edge, there were many elderly people with giant cameras and tripods, dogs, and binoculars. We kept hearing the words “she’s flying!” and “there’s the falcon!” and ultimately assumed they wre talking about a bird. But no! Apparently we came on the day of an airshow, where Falcon planes were flying for the last time! They flew so close to the cliffs, but it was astounding to see the tricks and speed of the planes.

We walked around the edge of the cliffs, took pictures, and then explored the visitor centre, where they had some creepy human models.

Leaving the cliffs was a huge struggle. Since there was so much traffic and one of the buses had broken down, we sat in the cold wind for over an hour. But soon we were on our way to Brighton, taking the highway that lined the ocean!

Brighton was beautiful! We got dropped off right in front of the pier, so we walked around the beach and ferris wheel for a bit, and then headed towards the Bright Huts. The walk back to our hostel after was just as beautiful, with the sun setting.

At the cliffs, Scarlet realised that she hadn’t booked a bed in the hostel because she thought we had booked it for her. Online all the beds were completely booked, so we decided that we’d ask if there were any beds open in person. At first they said no…but then they rearranged some rooms and opened up a spot for her!

We stayed HostelPoint ( The hostel was okay! The place overall was kind of dirty but our room was pretty clean; it was pretty good in terms of UK hostel standards, but of course nothing compared to the hostels in Japan. We rested and charged our phones for a bit before heading off to get dinner. We ended up eating at a Spanish Tapas place..where the food and jar of Sangria and frui twas AMAZING. We ordered seafood soup, sausages in wine (that they lit on fire!), an egg dish, and more! Apparently it’s a thing to eat it with bread…the waiter asked if we wanted it and first we said no because it would cost extra. But upon seeing the saucy dishes it was obvious that you needed bread to eat with it. I’ll try to upload the video of the sausages on fire in a bit.

After dinner we ran around different bars to check out the scene; we even ended up at someone’s wedding party where they welcomed us to dance on their dance floor with open arms. Eventually we headed back and slept in.

The next morning we woke up early to eat the free breakfast our hostel surprisingly provided. While it was just basic breakfast foods like bread and cereal, it was nice to eat toast with nutella/jam.

Scarlet headed off early to watch Swan Lake in London, while Yu and I decided to see the pavilion. We stumbled upon a pretty street that looked straight into the ferris wheel on our way to finding a (closed) coffee shop (lol at how we forgot that Sundays aren’t a thing anywhere); Scarlet panckingly called to tell us that her card was declined and she could not withdraw cash. Yu and I decided to split up after looking at the Pavilion. While she decided to walk through, I decided to head home to work on my essay. The Pavilion had an exhibit on Indian hospitals that I was really disappointed to miss, but hopefully I can return soon!

Met up with Scarlet, reached London, and then got back to Cambridge! The next two days were painstakingly filled with lots of essay writing and little sleep. All in all, the weekend trip was fun and definitely worth it!