Open Letter to the Hopelessly Indebted Voting for Hillary Clinton
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Woah girl. This could go over very well in certain rooms but as an open, national, statement you seem wildly unaware of your white privilege. While well-written, this letter is so mean spirited that I felt I had to say something.

Ever read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? It’s basically a comparison of money advice in poor versus wealthy circles. In addition to practical money tips, it suggests to exploit the parts of our economy that are designed to favor the rich or informed by taking advantage of those poor fools who just don’t know — or can’t afford — better. The author doesn’t question the fairness of our system, it’s the system we have like it or not but he’ll help you work it. He shares advice about how individuals can overcome the vastly skewed institutions designed to screw them in our capitalist economy.

Your letter reminds me of this book except rather than give people information on what you think could help them, you berate them for their misfortune and laugh. You have decided the only way to fix the system is to abandon it for a new system, and while I actually love that idea, I don’t believe it’s the issue we’re voting on.

It seems you’re saying, “if you’re having hard times, suffering even, yet believe Hillary is the best candidate for president, then not only are you an idiot, your situation will never change and you deserve it. I will laugh at the continued misfortune you only brought on yourself.”

I know we’re nominating our presidential candidates so that’s what’s on our minds, but why can’t someone believe in improving the system we have as much as possible (via a vote in our pres elections) while also fighting for the bigger, outside-in democracy redesign/revolution we all deserve?

We’re more than just votes, we’re voices, and using yours to shame the less fortunate into somehow siding with you seems like a misuse of your valuable resource.