Bay Area Resources for Latinx Entrepreneurs

Late last year, the Berkeley Latin American and Hispanic Business Association (LAHBA) invited both me and Adalberto Flores Ochoa of Kueski to join them in sharing a bit about Latin America venture capital trends and what it’s like to build a company in Latin America.

After this experience, key members of LAHBA* and I decided to dive into a deeper discussion about how do we not only share what is going on in Latin America technology space, but how do we help Latinx founders here in the Bay Area. We wanted to figure out what were some of the resources that exist and how to make sure everyone took the opportunity to get to know some amazing organization and investors that are already betting on Latinx in the U.S. and abroad.

We decided to put together a simple list of the organizations we knew, with their contact info, and industry focus to have a simple, organized list for any Latinx living in the Bay or visiting.

List of organizations is HERE.

We hope this list helps you in your business building efforts and if you know anyone that can be added to the list, or if any information should be edited please send over to my email: I’ll be trying to keep this as updated as possible as time goes on.

*Thanks to Pedro Moura, Francisco Garzon, Leon Rodriguez, Santiago Morales, and Bruno Vargas for all your support and collaboration on this. You guys are rockstars!