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Over the last four days I have kept a diary of my overall news consumption. From this I learned that for the most part I am not as well informed about what is going on in the world as I should be. One of the main ways that I found myself consuming news was through the internet and from the television.

Throughout the weekend I woke up, opened my laptop, and checked the internet for what was going on in the world today. This is a normal habit of mine, however I continue to skim past the news about the government and politics and go straight towards news about celebrities and what’s happening in the world that day. Something that I would like to change after realizing my news habits is that I would like to become more interested in the news about government and politics so that I can become more educated in that subject matter. I usually skip over that type of news because it is not something that I am well educated in however it is very important in the world today especially as I become an adult.

A piece of news that I found interesting this weekend was more news about Taylor Swift. I read about Taylor Swift this weekend on the internet on platforms such as NY Daily and Fox News. News about Taylor Swift is interesting to me because I am a big fan of hers and I have been waiting a very long time for her new album to release. Taylor Swift has been buzzing in the news recently about things she is tweeting, such as snakes, and her new song and the possible release of her new album soon.

Another piece of news that I heard about this weekend was about Hurricane Harvey which is very relevant to the United States right now. News channels are also buzzing about hurricane pets that have lost their homes and families being put up for adoption. I heard a story on FOX News about how 69 dogs and cats were rescued from Hurricane Harvey and are now being put up for adoption. I found this story interesting because it had a very emotional side to it that made me feel something. This was also a story that caught my eye about I am currently looking to adopt a dog in the near future and I think it’s great that they are rescuing these animals from the hurricane and using social media to help get them homes. I think there should be more heartwarming stories like this in today’s media and news.

After seeing what I was most interesting in with the news this week I realized that I am not necessarily into the politics and government type of news but most interested in light and interesting stories of what’s happening in the world. Something that turns me off from the news is when I turn on the television and all they are talking about is what Trump said today or newscasts talking about his presidency every single day. When I go to the media for news I want to hear about what’s happening around me in the world.

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