Piktochart Named in 2016 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has announced its 2016 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning. The organization’s annual list honors 25 websites that provide enhanced learning and curriculum development for school librarians and their teacher collaborators.

Now in its eighth year, AASL has a grand total of 200 recognized sites. To many educators across the United States, the list is considered to be the “best of the best.”

These sites foster the qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation and collaboration as well as provide a foundation to support AASL’s learning standards. Sites named in the Best Websites list are free, web-based sites that are user-friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover. The Best Websites for Teaching & Learning list is based on feedback and nominations from AASL members.

The websites honored in 2016 include PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, Trello, Quizizz, Google Cultural Institute, and Go Noodle.

We here at Piktochart were thrilled to see our inclusion, too! See the full list of tools here.

“The Best Websites committee reviews hundreds of incredible site submissions every year,” said Lucy Green, Committee Chair, in a press release. “The committee works hard to find engaging, educational, and unique websites that support technology-enabled learning in libraries and in classrooms. This year, we are excited to present our 200th site! We hope everyone enjoys this year’s list, and that members of AASL and ALA, fellow educators and administrators will continue to submit nominations via our webpage for future consideration.”

“Educators struggle with finding the time and having the expertise to effectively evaluate websites appropriate for enhancing the learning environment,” added Leslie Preddy, AASL President. “Through their dedicated efforts, the AASL 2016 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning committee has developed an invaluable list of websites for transforming learning.”

Our team wants to make Piktochart accessible to all — especially to students in school, college, or university and to teachers who use creative visuals. We encourage educators interested in having Piktochart in their classroom to take advantage of our special pricing for educators found here.

This announcement originally appeared on Piktochart’s blog.

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