Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and the Way They Are Changing Media

From online content, to movies, to travel and live comedy shows, they are blazing a new path

Don’t let the smiles, quick-witted dirty jokes, and endless puns fool you, these three mean business.

Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart have taken over YouTube and now they are changing the way viewers interact with traditional media.

Between the three girls (commonly referred to as the Holy Trinity), they have more than 4.1 million subscribers and 183 million views. (Actually, more than 6.3 million subscribers and 421 million views if you include Helbig’s first channel.)

For some perspective, about 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl in 2014.

This summer, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart premiered their new show, “#HeyUSA” on the Astronauts Wanted YouTube channel, the production company behind the series.

A travel show is nothing new, however, the way that #HeyUSA is being created should be noted by the entire entertainment industry.

Helbig and Hart are real-life best friends who are highly active on social media and are using this to their advantage when it comes to creating this show. They are using fan tweets and suggestions to pick some of the cities they visit and also what to do when they get there. This gives fans a chance to have an input and a hands-on experience in the content of each episode.

(You can see the episodes: here)

Not only are they utilizing the basics like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but they also are leveraging Tumblr and Snapchat:

  • Twitter is being used for content suggestions
  • Helbig and Hart are each using their Instagram accounts (Helbig, Hart) to create anticipation for episodes coming
  • Tumblr for GIFs of each episode
  • Snapchat (username: AstrosWanted) for releasing small teasers
  • The Astronauts Wanted YouTube channel is uploading small segments three days a week until the full episodes are released at a later date
  • Along with this, Helbig and Hart are also creating content on their own YouTube channels (Helbig, Hart) that go along with the #HeyUSA content

The Astronauts Wanted YouTube channel has already amassed over 83,000 subscribers with each #HeyUSA episode sitting at more than 100,000 views. (Keep in mind, these are not the full episodes yet, which will be released later this year.)

Many of their fans are teenage girls and Millennials, but this is a natural extension of their behavior and the way the world is shifting. Content with such a hands-on creation will be the new norm.

The Holy Trinity is kicking in doors that would have been much harder to reach in a traditional route. While most businesses are still stumbling and wondering what to do with the internet, they have already harnessed its power to make their visions come to life at a supersonic speed.

Needless to say, Helbig and Hart are a force to be reckoned with but this isn’t the first time they have changed the way a community interacts with traditional media.

Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart all starred in the movie Camp Takota.

Camp Takota had a similar feel to #HeyUSA in the fact that the three girls leveraged social media to get their communities excited about the release of the movie. Helbig also recorded daily vlogs while on set to bring viewers along for the ride.

This brought an intimate feel that even tops the “specials” on most DVDs. Imagine if an A-list actress vlogged on her YouTube channel about the making of a movie. That’s the possibility that Helbig introduced to mainstream media.

And it worked.

The movie broke even on their budget in four days, proving their community has a strong bond to support these three in their creative endeavors. It also demonstrated how much the next generation wants this kind of connection.

These three are not just “internet celebrities”, either. They have impressive accomplishments on their resumes, too:

Mamrie Hart has her BA in theater from UNC-Chapel Hill and already co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred in her own film, Camp Takota. One of her episodes for her popular YouTube show called You Deserve A Drink has over 1,013,000 views. Just for some perspective, some of the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes only hit 1.1 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic. (To see Mamrie Hart’s other accomplishments: click here.)

Grace Helbig has been working hard on YouTube since 2008 after graduating from Ramapo College while still appearing in traditional media roles. Not only has she posted a video five days a week for years, but she also filmed and edited every single episode on her own. While extremely time consuming, it also gave her 100% creative control over her own content. Even while being on television, starring in movies, writing books, and winning awards, she has kept to her vlogging roots to truly bring her community with her wherever she goes. (To see Grace Helbig’s other accomplishments: click here.)

Hannah Hart initially began her career in translation after graduating from University of California, Berkley with two degrees; one in English literature and one in Japanese language. After uploading a video of herself for a friend, it quickly turned into the popular YouTube show called My Drunk Kitchen. Hart received a lot of attention when she intended to raise $50,000 for a tour and ended up raising over $220,000. She filmed episodes from each city across the US for her YouTube channel, but the most notable part is that she did a charity meet up in each city she went to. Many of these fans continue to do charity meet ups, giving note to the power of her community. (To see Hannah Hart’s other accomplishments: click here.)

Helbig, Hart, and Hart also have secured book deals (Grace, Hannah, Mamrie — tba) along with hosting their constantly sold-out live comedy show called #nofilter bringing their online community in the real world.

Grace and Mamrie have long backgrounds in sketch comedy and you can see many of the #nofilter shows on YouTube, recorded by fans.

So if anyone is still wondering what the power of YouTube is, don’t worry, the Holy Trinity will show you.

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