Dear Traveler

The following is a poem that was written on an ordinary Wednesday by an ordinary woman who is dreaming of extraordinary things.

Dear worn and weary traveler
Your journeys make you bold
For you have received in this life 
That which lines the Streets of Gold

For you have seen the sunset
Grasping o’er the peaks of stone
In a hundred places it’s happened
None of which you call your own

For you are a weary traveler
Your passport stamped and worn
You have tasted more treasure than most could offer
Since that seed of wanderlust was sewn

You will not sleep as soundly again
As you did on the trains of your travel
Nor will you sigh again in breathless wonder
As you watched the Northern Lights unravel

Your home will never be of block and cinder
Yet your feet will always travel with zest
You must travel for the rest of your being
Before, at last, you sleep sweetly at Rest