Salt and Violins

In memory of 1/C Jason Jablonski

Hunched over at a funeral

Crying my eyes out over someone I’ve never met

There were just enough seats in the chapel

For the people to sit

And the grief to cram into the pews

That’s how we felt it

The unlucky who had never met this kind soul

We were suffocated by the loss

Empathetic to the pain

Of those who had loved him before

His name was Jason

And he was our brother, gone too soon

We sang him music and they carried him home

Tears fell, tears dried

And salt remained

I played the violin

Never felt such beautiful sorrow

I felt something different in the music

We sang Amazing Grace

And I’d never felt so sweet a sound

Salt, bitterness, grief

Crusted our cheeks

And my violin played on

The choir sang

And the music healed

In this life

There are truths

We hold self evident

That our grief makes us human

And that our love makes us whole

In this life

We will cry salty tears

We will make music

But the tears will be healed by the music

And the music will be the cause of our tears

In this life

In the end

All we have

Is salt

And violins

(Rest in peace, Jason. Your Naval Academy family will continue to keep your memory alive and well. God Bless.

To all those who loved him, please know that you are being prayed for and that if you need us, we are here. Much love.)

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