There Are Good People

I never thought I would be there.

I had been through a lot of chaos to get to that point, but all of the sudden, the world was calm.

We were on the couch, babysitting my young sponsor brother and sister while my sponsor parents were out for an early Valentine’s Day dinner.

The kids acquiesced in my request to watch “The Sound of Music” (my favorite musical) and were curled up in between us.

Their bedtime approached, and it was time to usher them upstairs.

We followed them up the flight of stairs, explaining that they couldn’t stay up a moment longer lest we get in trouble with their parents.

After their arguments had been invalidated, we split off. You took my brother to help him get ready for bed, and I took my sister.

I tucked her into bed and gave in to her when she begged to be allowed to stay up a while to read. I was the same way when I was young — I just couldn’t refuse her curiosity and imagination.

I kissed her head, told her I loved her (she’s practically my sister — I really do), and moved towards the door.

I walked out, checked over my shoulder to make sure she was settled, and flipped off the lights.

The door opened downstairs — my parents were home.

I went to sit down in my bedroom to fold my laundry, and did so in the 10 pm silence.

Silence, however, until I heard you from the other room.

You were reading to my little brother. His giggles punctuated the sentences, and I could hear the smile in your voice. A book of full of “I-Spy” puzzles kept you both occupied for several minutes.

My sponsor mom came to the door and smiled, asking if you were reading to him in a hushed tone so as not to disturb the bedtime ritual. I nodded, to which she smiled again and commented on the sweet nature of the action.

What young man gives up his Saturday night to read “I-Spy” books and watch musicals?

You do.

I smiled at my mom, and said “he’s definitely a keeper.”

There are good people in this world.

You are one of them.