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They chose the wrong event to rampage about. A criminal with a record holding a gun who turned it on a black policeman yelling at him to stop and drop the gun, who was wearing a body cam that filmed the event. Really? Then they riot, loot, burn, and start trying to pull white people out of vehicles. That’s supposed to buy empathy for them? No. Not just no, but hell no! Pulling people from vehicles is the legal equivalent of home invasion. If those people had been carrying guns they would have been justified in shooting the aggressors in the face out of fear for their lives. There is no excuse for the level of violence that happened. NO EXCUSE! The Native Americans who are being starved, living in squalor with no indoor plumbing or sanitation, no schools or medical services because the US government has NEVER HONORED ONE SINGLE TREATY SIGNED WITH ANY OF THE INDIAN NATIONS are told by unfeeling whites to move if they don’t like it. So that’s my words to blacks who complain of segregation, racism, no opportunities… in spite of all the hand outs, welfare, and placements in housing/jobs/colleges ahead of whites that has been going on for decades as compensation… if you don’t like what’s happening where you are at, MOVE! Killing law enforcement officers and burning down your neighborhoods is asinine and not acceptable. It’s criminal, and you should be arrested, or shot if you endanger the lives of other citizens.

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