6 Strategies to Harness the Hyperfocus Power of an Autistic Mind

Jackie Schuld
4 min readSep 4, 2022

I tried an experiment last week. There was something I really didn’t feel like doing, but needed to get done. It was a licensure application. Necessary, but dreadful.

I was experiencing the typical autistic inertia of starting a new task, especially one that I had never done before and wasn’t sure of all of the necessary steps. Then, it dawned on me that I could use every strategy and tool I knew at once to harness the hyperfocusing abilities of my autistic mind.

“Hyperfocus” Mixed Media by Jackie Schuld

This sounds obvious, but I’ve actually never tried to intentionally put myself in that state. It usually only comes naturally when I’m really excited about a project. However, given I had 10 pages of essay writing to complete, I decided this was the perfect time to try.

I had the afternoon free, so I had the time to do it. I quickly did everything I could think of that would ensure my mind would be able to focus. Turns out, I wrote those 10 pages faster than anything I have ever written in my life. Here’s what I did.

Optimize the Environment

I started by cleaning my desk, the room I was working in, and anything within my line of sight. My mind is able to focus better when everything around me is clean and organized. I opened the blinds to my favorite amount of natural…



Jackie Schuld

I'm an expressive arts therapist who specializes in late-identified autism/ADHD. I'm also an autistic & ADHDer who loves to write and create art.