A Hypothesis

thoughts on how designers can create an impact

Jackie Kang
Dec 5, 2016 · 2 min read

My perspective on design as well as what I want to design has shifted multiple times throughout my four years in the design program. I’ve thought that I want to design products/experiences that are for a niche audience — people who have access to smart-phones, applications, and new technology, and with that audience, I would create delightful experiences while considering aesthetics and the message behind the product I’m designing, vocalize the injustices in the world, or spread awareness about a subject I care about.

I’ve always been split between creating applications that create a positive impact on the audience that’s right in front of me (people of a similar demographic as me) and creating products and experiences that would address the needs of a population that I don’t have a relationship with at all. And I don’t know if I’ll really focus on one and one only since I do care about designing for all kinds of people and needs, but what do they have in common then? And how do they reflect the values I have and the things that I’ve observed?

I want to design products that bring security, happiness, and create a better quality of life.

There are so many things that constantly tell us we’re not happy with who we are or where we are in our lives whether those things are advertisements, sale events, the number of likes or thumbs up we get, even our friends and family. Many of us try to find the positive things in life, the little things that make us smile, and try to pursue and keep our hobbies to spend our time on things we care about. Happiness, or at least the feeling of satisfaction, is something we all pursue because we try to make the most of our lives.

And so, I believe that designers should be creators of pleasant and delightful experiences, leaving a positive impact. Additionally, designers have a responsibility to be perceptive and understanding because of the consequences their designs can lead to. Ultimately, they should strive to design with empathy.

Designers should not only strive to create inspiring and intuitive experiences, but also arouse wonder, self-reflection, and passion for future growth.

I would like to be a designer who creates delightful products and experiences that educate, empower, and inspire people. While having functional purposes, my designs will aim bring happiness and a smile to someone’s face.

This is a video that briefly expresses these thoughts: https://vimeo.com/195694216